Simrad - Single Beam and Split Beam Transducers

Single Beam transducers include the 18-11, 38-7, 38-9, 50-7, 50-18, 50-18POR, 120-25, 200-7C, 200-7F, 200-7G, 200-28E, 200-35 and 710-36E.

Dual Beam Transducers include the 12-16/60 and the 27-26/21

Split Beam Transducers include the ES18, ES38-10, ES38-12, ES38B, ES38DD, ES70-11, ES70-7C, ES120-7, ES120-7C, ES120-7DD, ES120-7F, ES120-7G, ES120-2.5x10, ES120-4x10, ES200-7, ES200-7C and ES200-7DD

Dual Frequency Transducers include the 38/200 Combi C, 38/200 Combi D, 50/200 Combi C and 50/200 Combi D

Sidescan Transducer 120-2x50

Transducer specifications can be found by following the "Visit Website" link below to the Kongsberg web site.