Excellence &leadership

Expertise, technology, innovation and passion in Maritime Electronics.

Tried and Proven knowledge in Land based Communication Systems.

A national leader in land and marine based communications, hydrographic equipment supply, port control systems and defence technologies.

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Committed to providing the best systems and best service capabilities in the world


Solution Architects

Our ethos at Marcom Watson is to provide the best products and services based on cutting edge technologies.

We review proposed projects to ensure that it fits within our specialities, in order to provide the best system solutions for our clients.

Our team adopts agile methodologies when working on projects, this provides the flexibility needed to meet client demands in a constantly evolving landscape.

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Vessel Tracking & Management

Pilot Aides

Marcom Watson is a global reference in the world of Vessel Tracking Systems, ranging from oil and gas rigs to large commercial hubs.

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Vessel Tracking & Management

Collision Avoidance Radar System

The Collision Avoidance Radar System (CARS) forms the backbone of our Port Control capabilities. CARS Gen II expands on the already reliable and versatile capabilities by enabling the display of Navigational Charts, Satellite Imagery and Street Data.

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Radio Communications

Repeaters and Accessories

Marcom Watson sells radios from leading manufacturers to provide turnkey solutions. Rather than just quoting and selling the complete system, Marcom Watson also takes care of the integration onto air, land or sea platforms.

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